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We have the building of our dreams.

We know that the walls will be filled with energy, fun, laughter, peace at times and disagreements at others, love, and most of all freedom.

We know that the children who currently call EKS their home today and all the children who will call it their home in future tomorrows will grow up surrounded by this building and it’s grounds.

Today’s children will name the rooms, write new rules, imagine new games and all of that will impact how this building shapes the future of EKS.

I can’t help but imagine how it will be on their first day in the building in September this year, the excitement of it all being so brand new once again, especially after breaking up in March, and having been parted from friends for so long. Then I can’t help but imagine all the future Septembers to come, I wonder how many generations of children will walk through the front doors of the building and call it home for their childhood.

It’s a beautiful image and I really feel on the cusp of something beyond the right now. Being part of something so special at such an early stage has been immensely powerful and very emotional all at the same time.

We would love you to be part of this too. When September comes, we need the building to be full of sofas for the children to sit and read on, or jump on, or make into forts. We need tables for art to be created on and for lunches to be eaten at. We need chairs for sitting on when the children are deciding the new rules or pretending to be in dragon caves- we need bean bags too. We need bookcases for books, games, toys, and precious collections of rocks to sit on.

We need the first injection of furniture into our new home.

Are you local enough to donate us something? Can you have a rummage through you house and see what you have spare?

If you are not local could you make a monetary donation to EKS?

We have a big building to fill- we’ve got the children we now just need the furniture to turn the building into our forever home. Get in touch if you can help.

Louise received a bachelor's degree in Fine Art from UCA and went on to work in management within the retail sector for 9 years. She has 3 children who have experienced various alternative educational paths, settling on the Sudbury model. She currently volunteers at East Kent Sudbury School to raise money to make the sudbury model of education accessible to all.

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