East Kent Sudbury is a not-for-profit organisation, all of the money we raise goes directly to covering the costs of our provision.  In line with our values of autonomy and democracy, our project is funded by those that benefit from it, this allows us to be entirely independent of outside influence other than national regulations.

However, when setting the fee structure for our provision it was also important to us that it would be accessible to as many families as possible regardless of income or family size.  As such, families may apply for a discounted fee based on their means, further discounts are also available for siblings.

Financial assistance awarded is entirely unfunded, we receive no outside help to provide these discounts.  In our opening year 90% of our students received a discount of some kind.  We are only able to afford this by sacrifices and generous commitment made by our staff team.

Any additional support in the way of donations is much appreciated and will allow us to continue to provide this financial assistance which enables us to serve our local community and to better reflect its diversity.

The table below details the fee and discounts available.  Fees quoted are valid until the end of the academic year 2020/21. Fees for the following year will be published shortly.

2020-21 Annual Fees

Household Income1st child2nd child3rd child +
Full Fee£7,000.00£4,900.00£2,800.00
< £20k£2,450.00£1,715.00£980.00

From September our fees are changing. We are introducing new fee bands with smaller income bands and less differences between each band making it fairer for all. The top four bands will now also be self-selecting allowing families to take into consideration all of their circumstances not just income alone, whilst making the maximum contribution possible. We will also be introducing a new Higher Bursary for families whose circumstances change leaving them unable to pay fees or for new students for whom even the lowest fee band is out of reach. If you would like more information about this please get in touch. Further details will be posted to our website shortly.

The following table details the proposed new fee structure for 2021-22, part-time provision, to be confirmed shortly.

2021-22 Proposed Fees

Fee bandSelection criteria1st child2nd child3rd child +
Full Fee£7,200.00£5,040.00£2,880.00
Band ASelf-selected
Income guide £60-65k
Band BSelf-selected
Income guide £50-60k
Band CSelf-selected
Income guide £40-50k
Band DSelf-selected
Income guide £30-40k
Band EMeans tested
Income £23-30k
Band FMeans tested
Income -£23k


We accept new students at the beginning of each term, if there are places available.

The first step in our enrolment process is for you to complete an application form.  We will then contact you to arrange an admissions meeting.  After the meeting you will be offered a place, subject to our provision being able to meet the needs of your child and availability.  The first months fee is then due to confirm your child’s place, with the deposit of £500 due on successful completion of the four week Practice Period.

If you would like to discuss enrolling your child in our programme please get in touch we’d love to hear from you.

Visiting Week

Educational provision as unique as East Kent Sudbury attracts families from all over the country, indeed all over the world.  We understand that relocating primarily for educational choice is a big decision and not to be taken lightly.  Therefore, for families not currently living within the area of East Kent we offer the opportunity of a visiting week for the prospective student.  Contact us to find out more.