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We’re currently looking for a highly motivated and passionate individual to complete our staffing team as a volunteer staff member.

As staff and students run the community/business together through the democratic structure, this is more than just a teaching/facilitators role. You would be joining a vibrant team of motivated individuals who are passionate about self-directed/consent based learning, children’s rights and changing the face of education in the UK.

To be successful you must have a deep understanding of self-directed and democratic education and be motivated to help EKS grow and succeed. We are looking for a life long learner who follows their interests and passions and enjoys working with all young people from the age of 5-18 years.

We are currently actively seeking an individual with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in secondary English or Science preferably but other subjects will also be considered. A career in either of these fields without a teaching qualification may be accepted depending on circumstance.  This is an exciting opportunity for those looking to make a drastic career change and pioneer a new direction in education.  Experience in education management or democratic education would be advantageous.

Working days negotiable. 

More information about the role of staff and our current team can be found on our staff page. For more information about this opportunity contact us, selecting staffing in the drop down.


Mother of three boys. Kate had been looking into alternative education after the public school system failed and damaged her sons mental health. She has always been very politically active and believes in democracy whole heartedly. After reading Peter Gray’s ‘Free to Learn’ Kate immediately knew that a Sudbury model school was what she wanted for her own children, what she passionately believed in and what she wanted to help bring to the UK. Shortly after, Kezia unveiled her plans and things soon slotted into place. Kate is enthusiastic about sociology and psychology and has spent most of her working career within the adult education sector, managing the office and day to day needs of both students and trainers. Kate also ran her own successful business for a number of years before deciding to home educate her own children. She is passionate about cookery and loves to read.

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