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Wishing everyone who has supported and followed us in our journey this year a very Happy Christmas. It’s been an incredible year, we can’t believe how much interest our project gathered so quickly, it just proves how much need there is in the UK for more educational choices. It’s been a steep learning curve for the founders too, from working our way through the Sudbury Valley School planning kit box of resources to visiting EUDEC and Gent, running a camp and discovering just how many hurdles there are to founding an alternative school. But we’re in a stronger position than ever, fully armed with information we need and a clear vision for the school we want to create. Keep following us in 2018, we’re busy planning lots more interesting events to help you learn more about our school and will be announcing more details about our plans as we make them including the all important questions of fees and location. Here’s to hoping we won’t be saying ‘what if’ in Kent for much longer and our children will have a school right here where they are truly free to learn.

Having experienced varied educational styles growing up, Kezia, attended both mainstream schools and the world’s first democratic school, Summerhill in Leiston, Suffolk, an experience which left a lasting impact. Later on Kezia graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2003 in Fine Art going on to establish a career in digital design and marketing. Now mother to two daughters Kezia chose to stay home with her family and home educate her children before embarking on founding East Kent Sudbury.

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