Community Charter

This charter, created by our community for our community in 2021 and updated annually, sets out the core principles and rights that our community is founded upon and to which everyone is required to agree to when joining the community.  It also serves as a code of conduct for any visitors to our community making clear the expectations for behaviours within the setting.


  • Freedom of: activity; movement; speech; thought and expression (except hate speech and provided it doesn’t infringe on others’ freedoms) without: harassment; interference or judgement from others.
  • Right to feel safe and be supported.


  • Right to take part in the running of the community.
  • Right to an equal vote on all matters.
  • Right to raise and speak on any matter.
  • Right to resolve conflicts through the Judicial system in a fair and restorative way which considers the views of all those involved.
  • Right to privacy in Judicial Committee meetings.
  • Right to be heard by others.


  • Expect the best from others.
  • Trust people to learn from their mistakes.


  • To seek consent before you act, without assumption or pressure (touch, property, privacy).
  • To protect others rights and freedoms.
  • To protect the community and environment.


  • Responsibility to treat everyone as equal to yourself regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, neuro-diversity, disability, sexuality or beliefs.
  • Right to equity of access to learning, community and organisation.