East Kent Sudbury is a part-time educational setting for Home Educated children aged 5-18 supplementing the home education provided by parents. Giving children the opportunity to benefit from connection and learning at home and in a community setting.

It is an education for today and for the future.  We recognise that in today’s world it is not an ability to follow orders but to take charge of your own life that is vital for success.  We believe the best way to practise making real decisions and taking responsibility for your actions is to do it from the start.  By being self-directed, children are in charge of their own education, their preparation for their future.  Democratic governance gives students a share in the responsibility for maintaining the community they are a part of, empowering them to enact change and to think beyond their own self-interests.

We’re in a culture in which the most important asset that you have is your own knowledge of yourself – what you want to do next and how you’re going to go about doing it.  And if you know how to keep learning for the rest of your life on your own from within yourself, you’re never going to be stuck.”

Michael Greenberg
The View From Inside, 2002, The Sudbury Valley School Press

Why the Sudbury model?

By basing our project on the Sudbury model we can build on the success and experience of not just the original Sudbury Valley School but the countless other settings that have been established since. The Sudbury model has been implemented across America, Europe even in Japan and the results are the same – an atmosphere of peace, respect and responsibility and graduates prepared uniquely for their chosen lives ahead; confident, determined, empowered citizens carving their own way in the modern world.