As alternative educational settings we often hear from parents of children struggling with the mainstream approach to learning. Children who need to move more than the school day allows for, find it hard to focus on work they aren’t interested in or simply learn in different ways than their peers.  It’s not surprising that parents look elsewhere for something that suits their child.  But yet we can’t help but think that something must be deeply wrong for so many children to find it so hard to thrive in our school system.  And that’s the topic of our podcast this week as we talk to clinical psychologist and mum of two, Dr. Naomi Fisher, about her experiences of children with special educational needs and the implications their behaviour has for our schools.

Guest:  Dr. Naomi Fisher, a clinical psychologist and mother of two children who have always been self-directed.  Naomi writes about child development, psychology and self-directed education.  Look out for Naomi’s forthcoming book Changing Our Minds.

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In our final episode next week, what are our hopes and dreams for education post lockdown? Can this be the turning point?