Becoming your child’s teacher overnight can be a daunting challenge, but as your child’s parent you know them better than anyone – you might just have all the qualifications you need after all.  Many teachers decide when they have children of their own not to send them to school but to help them learn at home instead.  This week we talk to two teachers that chose to leave the mainstream system and ask them how supporting a child at home is different to teaching in a school.

If you’d like to know more about the playful life of an unschooler you can read Heidi’s blog Live Play Learn.  Joe also wrote about his journey from mainstream education to child-led learning on our blog in Loosening the Laces and you can find out more about his unique style of home tutoring at Child First Education

Guests: Heidi Steel, was primary teacher now long term home educator / unschooler.  Joe Atkinson, trained as a teacher but left after 3 years and now tutors children struggling with school or that have been removed to home educate.

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