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This special blog post is re-printed from the second edition of the school Newspaper produced by students. Each edition has a different focus, this one was written to explain EKS to parents and visitors. So far each one has been hand written, though with new permission from School Meeting to print multiple copies using the school printer the next edition should be a lot more widely available.


You’re probably wondering what we do here. Let’s start with our wondrous fund-raising fun-raising clubs. First came the Slime Club. This successful club earned £20 in a few weeks!

Member’s of the Slime Club investigating a slime bubble

Next came the all-star IT Club! This club got almost everyone to join. The IT Club is in charge of computers.

Next came a load of clubs, because everyone saw how cool these clubs were and wanted a go themselves. There was the Science Club and the Baking Club. Neither have done any activities yet, but soon… After that came the club that brought this – the Newspaper Club! Jobs are open for ANYONE so staff and students signed up.

Now let’s talk about…

Our Rules

These rules are very important, as everyone decided on them. These aren’t THE rules, they’re OUR rules. First were some basic rules like:

ME-2-1 Infringement. Everyone has a right to be at school peacefully, free of verbal or physical harassment. No one may knowingly infringe upon that right.

Then came the trouble with noise. One day me, Kezia and a few others were peacefully drawing or doing some work on their laptop. Then a group of kids came running in here loudly. We soon made the law:

ME-6-10 Noise. No noisy activity inside the building except in the Hall.

School Meeting in session

Then came the…

Chores! (scary music)

Kezia was having a nice day, just saying bye to the last person. Then it turned to a nightmare. The whole building was so messy, it took Kezia hours to clean it all. When she got back, she was tired and hungry, her daughters were tired and hungry. It was almost too much to bear.

We came up with voluntary chores. That was a fail. So soon, that had it in less of a mess, but it was still really messy. So now the chores are something you have to do. But they’re such little, easy things, no-one really minds.

Cleaning up
Chore time


Alright. I’m not going to tell you everyone’s name because of fear of forgetting someone. I’ll start with the staff.

Kezia – She’s the one who put most of the work into founding this school here.

Kate – She’s got three kids and she is an important member of the-uh-team.

Rachel – My mum, she was one of the first to come to one of Kezia’s homeschool groups.

Joe – He’s good with understanding kids and is thinking about being a special needs staff.

Jay – He’s fun and great to have around. He’s also the Cleaning Clerk and has got into a few funny situations with the Judicial Committee.

In the next edition there is a spot to answer who was accidentally missed out from this list. You can read more about all of our staff members here.


Are you a parent? Or new here? Thanks anyway. I hope you’ll be pleased to know that money from this newspaper is being funded towards a trip to the cinema* and this club.

*We may be seeing Detective Pikachu.

And thank you Asher and the Newspaper club for entertaining us with your stories. The 3rd edition included 49 tips on how to survive in Minecraft. Yes 49! Look out for more issues on a news stand near you…


Asher is a student at East Kent Sudbury School and currently holds the positions of School Meeting Secretary, Library Clerk and chairs the Newspaper Club.

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